14 CVC Reading Comprehension Cards and questions – PDF


This is the 14 PDF version of these Short E CVC reading Cards.

These 14 cards allow students to practice developing reading skills and to start to introduce reading to learn and comprehension skills.

We also have editable version if you are a teacher and want to change details for your individual classrooms

CVC Reading skills are the cornerstone of emergent readers. Once students have worked out, and its not always an easy realization, that the 44 sounds (depending where you are) are all blended together to make words and that there is a relationship there it is like a firework going off. Suddenly sounds are being put together, simple words actually become simple and skills like segmenting and constructing words become common place. We have hundreds of worksheets on developing these skills, and now we have the readers below to help both practice and consolidate these skills.

We have the read aloud version on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4gcqaJVEwg

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