Short Vowel and CVC Mega bundle! 140 + Worksheets / Activities – No prep needed

Product Description

Over 140 ready made worksheets that teach and practice recognition of Phonics sounds focussing on short vowels and how it segments into cvc ( and some ccvc/cvcc) words.

Great for use in schools, homes and learning centres.
includes the following activities

Crosswords and wordsearchs with pictorial help
join the words mazes
cut and paste
draw and write
match and draw
make a sentence
collect and collate words from sentences
colouring activities

Scrambled word activites

Works well with the suite of apps I have made as well.

The building of CVC words , following from initial Phonic sounds and onset and rime is intergrale to young learners in learning English. It starts them on the journey of word building and fluency and to do this in an interactive way is the best way to help cement these skills for the future. I hope these and the English learning apps i have made go someway to helping with this.

It will be part of a larger short vowels pack i am putting together over the next few weeks, and comes with both background and without. ( see the images)

It is designed for all students learning English, Esl students / supported learning and younger students especially! Great as part of a phonics or phoncis games lesson or programme!

it certainly helps common core reading standards and national curriculm standards also.

all feedback welcome, and i have the source files if you need to change anything.

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