Christmas Trio

Easy to use Christmas app for students and schools.

How quickly a year goes! Well get back into the festive spirit by helping your children and students revise, remember or relearn those Christmas words that we all need at this time of year.
This is a simple Christmas Matching, Rhyme and Hidden word game for children and students of all ages, 

It is a good way to help to learn or revise rhymes and will help students use this reading strategy in other areas.

It also has essential Christmas words and pictures for them to learn the vocabulary surrounding Christmas. 

The Christmas rhyming words have different spellings of the same sound to try to make it a little more challenging for students and children. 

The matching words in the game are all Christmas words 

There is also a hidden Christmas pictures game for students to spot and match the pictures, this gets more difficult as time goes on.

This Christmas word game is not designed to be multi leveled, or in depth. it is designed to make teachers lives easier when incorporating IT into the classroom or for parents to help their children learn through fun activities. 

There are many ways to learn English, and not all require a subscription to a website, a personal tutor or expensive lessons. This Christmas word game will help achieve this. 

I am an English teacher and i noticed when trying to find apps that would approach a specific point i wanted to teach or reinforce it was very very difficult to find.

So i thought about making some myself, focusing on little and often approach to games and teaching i want to make something students enjoy, but not something that becomes all they want to do. 

I hope the English apps i am making go some way to achieve that. Learning can and should be fun, and this Christmas word game is designed to add 10 or so minutes of that to teachers lessons.

Please email me if you have any issues, questions or ideas for English learning apps you would like to see. I am always happy to hear new ideas!

Happy Christmas!

Oh, and can’t have a Christmas game without some Christmas music!

♫Music By Bass Rebels♫

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