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I am a long in the tooth, but not worn out just yet, English Teacher of over 15 years. Thinking about winding down the small classroom and starting to share what I have learnt during the years on this site and others aroudn the world.

Hi I am Marc, the owner of makingenglishfun.com and I have been teaching and working with young people for over 20 years.

Most recently this has been in Asia teaching English in schools to help promote reading and phonetic skills into the school curriculum and before that in the United Kingdom. I have trained teachers, taught students, tired to keep on on top of new and innovative idea, made English learning applications, designed websites, and designed games and resources for teaching English for an equal number of years.

What I do

Qualified English Teacher, from both UK, and from Hong Kong.

Create and make learning applications for both teacher and students. All free and downloadable, 500000+ times so far from Apple and Android

Website management and design. Manage two websites based on my own skills. English Resources site and an early retirement/ online income site called smashthealarmclock.com

Make FREE and premium English resources for teacher all over the world, half a million people have accessed these resources with great feedback.


15 years as a English Teacher in Hong Kong, China and elsewhere.

6 years as careers and pastoral youth worker In United Kingdom

2 years as editor of a 10000 circulation youth lifestyle magazine

6 years as an outdoor pursuits instructor teaching multi ages canoeing climbing mountaineering and more.

2 years as governmental research officer for UK local government with children’s and young peoples services.

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