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Free Magic E Online Games list.

Following on from the great response from teachers in having these games in one easy bookmarked place I have made on for Magic or Silent E as well. These games are harder to find it appears so i hope this will be of use as well. I have played them all and as usual they are a mixed bag. I also have one of mine in App and online form and will put the usual links below it. I will be honest though at the time of writing it needs an update in terms of visuals. However it works just fine. I hope they help you to teach this Phonics rule, if you need a board game i have one on my site here as well.

Magic E Mix and Match.

Video of gameplay ( no adds online)

This is one made by us. It has 3 games included to try to diversify the experience. A matching game with words to pictures, a scrambled word game, similar to the CVC games, where the student has to arrange the word into the correct order and a sound quiz where four options are displayed and the word is read out.

It is one of the first i made, and it was made for me to use in the classroom, so it could do with a visual update. However it works fine and I will get round to updating it in the next month or so. Feel free to try it, there are App versions for free as well if you wanted it in tablet or phone form. I will also reduce the number of ads as it is a little over the top at the moment! There are no ads in the online version of course!

Magic E Mix and Match: Apple and Android versions information and links for the app version in these two stores

Magic E Mix and Match: Online versions. Play online for classrooms

Starfall Magic E Games and Readers.

Star fall have a collection of online readers that target phonics specifically. This game is part of that. It is a simple spelling and word construction game. Students have to spell the short vowel word by dragging and dropping the correct letter, then add an E at the end to make it a Silent E word. The reader that goes with is is called Jake’s Tale and I used it just the other day 🙂 I strongly recommend you to check out all of their website.

Starfall Magic E games

Softschools: Magic E game. Add the missing vowel.

This is actually quite good. It teaches the fact that Magic E makes the short sounds long and focuses the student on that. (which is what we are trying to teach!) it could do with an update, but it is still pretty good. Students have to look at the word and put in the missing vowel. It would be even better if it read the words out as well.

Softschools missing vowel game.

Helpful Games Magic E Match and Wordsearch.

There are collection of very similar games here. Basically they have timed and untimed word searches and matching games all with Magic E. They work, and for a big class they may be of use, but there are more engaging games out there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though so let us know what you think as well.

Helpful Games: Magic E games.

Fun for the Brain Magic E Frog Game.

This is a well made game, though it was made with Flash so unless they update you may only have a year or so to play it. You have to rescue the princess who is locked in a tower by solving all the Magic E questions on your way. It is simple but effective and has 4 levels, including recognition, sounds and spelling.

Fun for the brain Frog Magic E game.

SpellZone Magic E Games

There are quite a few games on this page, although all are fairly similar and follow a distinct format. They are there to test spelling. Some are easier to control and i couldn’t work out the shark one, though i get the idea. Students have to spell the Magic E word. It seems to be more for native speakers as some of the words are a little beyond ESL students. However it does allow them to practice reading sentences as well as spelling words. The best one i found was the Against the Clock game, but you might like one of the others. Let us know which one below.

Spell Zone Magic E games

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Do you have any online games you can recommend to us all. If so please mention then in the comments at the bottom. Sharing is Caring!

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