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Well an apple every six days. I have been learning to make apps over the last few weeks and although never going to rock the world i have been enjoying it and, i think, getting better. These are in the website if you want to check them out. However i started with Android as i have only ever owned one IPad about five years ago and never really got on with the whole system.

​So i sat down with the game engine Unity, a cup of tea, some patience and a few ideas. 7 weeks later i have five English apps on the Google Playstore, Three more sitting on the computer that need some more time as i got better, or if not better at least more experienced at making them.  So i cast my eyes at the Apple App store and decided to give it a go. I have literally no experience doing this for Iphones or anything and am still new making things for Android.

 If anyone is reading this I can confirm it is incredibly more complex, at least for me. It took a solid week of frustration, YouTube tutorials, error solving websites a very very patient wife and the help of good friends to test things but I got the email yesterday to say congratulations your app has been approved. Six days, hours and hours, no idea how much in electricity bills ( mainly from the kettle i think) but i got there. The app is just a Halloween matching game that i really have made for my own school to play as one of the games on our Halloween day party, which is where most of my ideas come from. To have the email from Google, and then Apple has made my month though. Something about being recognized as having made something that huge organisations like that think is worth them distributing definitely give you some confidence. So i sat down 10 hours ago thinking i can put a couple of other ones on to the Apple store today as its Saturday and i have time. I will let you check out the App store to see how successful that ideas wasn’t. I can’t remember who said a wise man admits they know nothing at all, but i wish they were wrong.When the Apple does fall it definitely brings you as well as its self down to earth with a bang.
So in the billion to one chance someone is waiting with baited breath for one of my small simple games to be on the Apple store, i am afraid, like me, you’e going to have to wait a little longer.
Its definitely not going to be an Apple a day.

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Post by Marc of Making English Fun

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